We understand that businesses regularly review their budgets and set out plans on how to save money. A common expense that companies try to reduce is the operating costs within the business. – But how?

Many businesses are switching to Renewable Energy or ‘Green Energy’ to reduce their operating costs, with one in particular being LED Lighting. With reduced running costs, a lower carbon footprint and better quality lighting, why aren’t all businesses switching to LED?

The answer is simple, the initial cost is too expensive. To try and tackle this problem the government created grants and incentives and here at Bluestar we have our own unique Green Energy Finance solution to offer you.

About our Green Energy Finance Solutions

  • Tax relief – Our product is eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA)
  • Various terms available – Typical terms from 1 – 5 years.
  • High acceptance rates – Credit approvals are typically within a few hours.
  • No deposit required – Protect your working capital by leasing the equipment on a monthly or quarterly payment.
  • Flexibility to suit you – Add further equipment to the lease or settle the agreement early at no extra cost.

How we helped before…

We helped an existing customer in Flintshire with their new LED purchase. The customer was a wholesaler who wanted to replace their entire warehouse and office area with LED lighting. The initial switch to green energy was an upfront capital investment totalling £18,000 + VAT. After their grant for £7,000 was approved and then a further £3k approved by the Carbon trust, Bluestar were there to finance the remaining balance of £8,000.

The finance was approved on a Hire Purchase finance agreement over 36 months at just £248.25 a month.

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