Supplier selling tools

Finance for your customers

Offering a finance option to your customers shouldn’t be a difficult and overcomplicated process. We partner with countless suppliers who have been deterred from offering finance to their customers due to a bad past experience, so how is Bluestar different?

We have offered supplier finance for over 10 years to businesses all over the UK. Within that time we have developed a unique suite of sales tools for our suppliers to use and incorporate within their business.

So what are these tools? In a nutshell we provide an interactive, co-branded and fully hosted finance calculator landing page. In addition to this we provide full support including sales training and assistance with embedding finance into your quote system.


Key features

  • Leasing calculator – Co-branded, hosted, fully interactive and customer facing
  • Marketing collateral – Co-branded customer PDF reference guides
  • Notifications – Receive real time notifications when a customer enquires
  • Full support – Sales training and help with embedding is available
  • Reports – Receive regular reports and information on your leasing landing page

Key benefits

  • Convert more customers – Boost conversion by proactively displaying a finance option by using the web calculator.
  • Increase order values – The calculator allows users to alter the term and the cost. They may realise a better solution would only cost a fraction more a month.
  • Flexible – Receive real time notifications when a customer enquires
  • User experience – Our calculator is fully interactive, informative and most of all user friendly, giving your customers a great experience. 

Can I offer finance to my customers?

Of course you can. As long as your customer is a business and not an individual we can help you offer finance. For more information or to request our free sales tools please contact 01420481500 or click here.