What can we finance for your business?

The short answer is almost anything related to your business. One of the biggest benefits to leasing and asset finance is the ability to fund an extensive range of equipment, technology and services.

In many cases, we can finance the total solution for you. This could mean not only can we fund the core assets, but in many cases, we can also roll in the installation costs, training and other services into the agreement. This could include professional fees, support or training as part of a larger project.

There is a common misconception that finance is only used as a last resort if you don’t have the cash in the bank. The reality is that it is a far more flexible way to fund growth and expansion. By spreading the cost and realising the potential tax benefits associated with it, you can grow your business whilst not committing your working capital.

The appetite and approach from our funders for lending is very different from high street banks. We frequently fund technology deals (including 100% software and cloud-based solutions), machinery, fit-outs, furniture, catering equipment, gym equipment, print and much more. Things that banks are often wary of lending money for.

We can tailor a finance solution that works for your business, with small upfront payments and flexible repayment options. You may be looking for a software or hardware upgrade to get the latest technology or to support growth. You may have recently completed a refurbishment on your office, shop or warehouse, if the invoices are from the last six months then we could arrange a sale and leaseback agreement meaning you could put the money back in your account to be used as working capital.

Here’s a few things you may not have considered financing before:

• Catering equipment
• Generators
• LED lighting
• Gym equipment
• Security equipment
• Furniture

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