Apple Mac Equipment Buy or Lease?

If you are about to make an investment in Apple MAC equipment, including the powerful software suites that go with them, then it is worth pausing to consider whether buying or leasing is the right choice for your business.
Whether you have an existing supplier that you deal with, or not, leasing companies such as Bluestar can create with a supplier a bespoke leasing package for you. The supplier gets paid in full for your purchase – so they are happy – but, at the same time, you get all the business benefits that leasing offers.  Sound good?

The top level business benefits of leasing are:

Cash Flow
Cash is still a major business consideration – particularly at this time in the economic cycle – and so positive working capital means a lot to business and is a key contributor to success.  Why would you pay everything upfront on an investment that you will be using for a number of years? It makes more sense to pay as that equipment is used and preserve cash for other business needs.

Tax Advantages
Did you know that leasing is 100% allowable against taxable profits. Your accountant does – which is why many of them lease their own IT equipment! So, all through the leasing agreement, you will get tax relief on the monthly payments that you make.

Getting the equipment that’s right
If you are buying new equipment outright, is there a restriction on what you will buy dictated by how much cash you want to commit?  This often means you end up with “not quite what you needed”.  With leasing, what often surprises businesses is getting the full and complete specification that the business needs is only a very small increase in the monthly payments. So the business gets what it needs.

So buy or lease?
If the arguments for leasing resonate with you then we would be very happy to work with you on a quote for leasing Apple equipment. We can either do that through an Apple supplier you work with, or we have Apple suppliers we can recommend to you.

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