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It does appear to us that, over the last few years, the business world has become much more open to the idea of Apple leasing rather than buying their MACs and MacBooks outright. This should come as no surprise, because that trend can actually be seen right across the UK IT field.  In figures provided by The Finance and Leasing Association, the total amount of IT equipment finance in the UK reached an impressive £2.35bn in 2016 – comparing well against traditional leasing areas.

The Finance and Leasing Association figures for Nov 2015 – Nov 2016 were as follows:

UK Businesses financed £30.56bn of assets.

  • £2.35bn IT Equipment Finance
  • £2.40bn Business Equipment Finance
  • £5.98bn Plant and Machinery
  • £7.41bn Commercial Vehicle Finance
  • £9.30bn Car Finance

What this means to any organisation considering leasing Apple solutions is that the finance sector is very comfortable in the value the brand represents and so can offer good leasing options.  That’s good news to the types of organisations that rely on MACs such as Marketing Agencies, Design Companies, Architects, Photographers etc.

So if you are considering an upgrade to the all-new Apple Mac Pro, a new 27” iMac, MacBook Air or a retina MacBook Pro, then you should look at leasing arrangements that will highlight the affordability of these premium IT assets. Don’t forget it is not just the hardware itself that is included in an Apple leasing arrangement – you can also include the all important software, accessories, and warranties together with any installation services that your supplier offers.

If you are looking to buy Apple equipment, we would welcome the opportunity to do a quote through your existing supplier (or we have ones we can recommend if needed).  Simply click on the ‘get a quote’ link below. Go ahead with the quote, and you’ll be joining an ever-increasing group enjoying the benefits of IT Leasing.

Apple Suppliers:

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