Drone Commercial Finance

Increasing demand for drone commercial finance

With recent advancements in cameras, computing and mobile technology it is clear why drones or UAV’s have become a revolutionary tool for business worldwide. Since the start of the year we’ve had a significant increase in enquiries for drones from a vast range of business sectors. With these game changing technologies and a change in UK laws regarding commercial use, businesses can now use drones to complete the most challenging of tasks.

What are UAV’s used for?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) can be equipped with various sensors to record data which would otherwise be difficult to source elsewhere. Some drones can generate an impressive 200 gigabytes of digital image data per day. In addition to this their high-resolution cameras help businesses showcase their work especially in the architectural and real estate sectors.

Popular sectors: What they can do:
Construction Land Surveillance
Agricultural Crop production and monitor crop growth
Surveying Surveying large scale and hard to locate areas
Real estate Showcase properties
Military Surveillance and data gathering
Transportation Delivery service
Media & broadcasting Filming hard to reach or high-risk areas

The costs involved:

The main cost to consider is perhaps the most obvious, the drone itself. Entry level drones can range from anything between £135 – £800 and higher spec models can cost a staggering £12,000 each. Other factors to consider is the training, licencing and insurance costs to operate the drone. It’s also important to remember that drones are highly susceptible to damage. Keeping a reserve fund for repairs and parts is always a good idea.

Drone flying low to the ground in field
Drone flying low to the ground in field whilst taking pictures

The benefits of leasing?

Perhaps the most important benefit to leasing is that it protects your working capital whilst getting the equipment your business needs. The popularity of drones in the commercial market is increasing and therefore more of our funders are considering drones as a ‘leasable asset’. With no deposit required and flexible terms available it would make perfect sense to lease rather than buy.

• Leasing starts from £1,000
• Terms from 2-5 years
• Protect working capital
• All businesses considered
• Finance lease, hire purchase and loans available

How we have helped before…

We recently helped a business in Camberley with the purchase of a new drone. The total cost came to £15,000 +VAT. Funding was approved within 24 hours over a 3-year finance lease agreement. No deposit was needed and the customer is currently taking out a second agreement with us for additional equipment.

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