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Whether you need to invest in new equipment or raise working capital for your business, we can help secure finance on terms that suit your budget. We provide Finance Lease, Hire Purchase, Refinance, Commercial Loans and more…

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    Popular Products

    Finance Lease

    A flexible finance agreement available to all businesses and for most business assets – our most popular funding solution.

    Our most popular funding solution due to its flexibility. This finance lease agreement can be used to fund most assets including intangible items such as software and installation costs. VAT is paid on each payment and there are no large deposits to find. A finance lease can also be structured in stages to match supplier payment schedules, particularly useful for office and shop refurbishment projects and phased installations. We can also provide a ‘sale & leaseback’ agreement for recently purchased assets. Can we help you with anything today?

    Hire Purchase

    A fixed term commercial hire purchase agreement commonly used for hard assets such as vehicles, plant and machinery.

    Hire Purchase is a very popular finance agreement for asset finance, commonly associated with financing harder assets such as vehicles, plant and machinery, although other equipment can be financed too. From the 1st April 2021 the government introduced the 130% super-deduction tax (SDT) which provides significant tax benefits for qualifying assets. The SDT runs until 31st March 2023 and hire purchase agreements qualify. Please speak to your accountant to find out more. Unlike a lease agreement, the entire goods VAT element is payable upfront together with a cash deposit, typically 10%. We are able to offer VAT only deposits for certain assets. We can also provide a ‘sale & hire purchase back’ agreement for recently purchased qualifying assets. Can we help you with anything today?


    Refinance your existing assets and raise working capital for your business

    The freed up equity can be used for many purposes such as to improve cash flow, fund expansion or to purchase other equipment. We’ll arrange for your assets to be valued and structure the agreement for you. Often when companies are looking to raise cash from their bank it is deemed as high risk, especially if there is not an asset associated to it – our lenders do not share this view. Associated products include ‘sale & leaseback’ or ‘sale & hire purchase back’ which can be used to finance equipment purchased in the last 6 months, for the original purchase price. Can we help you with anything today?

    Commercial Loans

    We offer business loans from £5,000 and for almost any business purpose. Take your business further with one of our commercial loan solutions.

    How would a commercial loan transform your business? Would you hire more staff, buy some new equipment, invest in stock, increase marketing activities or simply boost your working capital? Whatever your ambitions are, we want to help you achieve them. In addition to general business loans, we also offer specific loan products for HMRC liabilities, technology and professions funding. We also provide asset finance and leasing solutions. How can we help you today?

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